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Gas Boiler or Heat Pump ?

Weighing up and deciding which is better for you:

So you cant decide between a gas boiler or heat pump. As popularity rises of renewable energy sources home owners interest in these systems for heating has also risen. The reason for the popularity in heat pumps and solar panels from landlords is due to the cost-efficiency these are able to provide when used correctly. Whilst some believe renewable energy heat pumps have already surpassed the gas boilers as a heating method, this isn’t true in every aspect there are bonuses to each method and choosing between them ends up coming down to ones preference, property characterises and budget allowance. Both have the ability to provide domestic hot water and hydronic heating.

For households that are not connected to mains gas, heat pumps are an excellent solution, certainly better than an oil boiler which produces high c02 emissions. Our heat pumps have a lower running cost than gas boilers but the cost of the units are more expensive. See graphics below for some comparisons. Rest assured which ever method you choose to go for your hydronic heating, the system will be functioning as intended.

When using a heat pump in combination with solar power you you can offset your running costs to basically 0 if you have the correct sized systems installed. This has the potential of making your hot water heating and building heating basically free.

comparing costs and heating speed of heat pump and gas boiler

comparing c02 emissions of gas boiler and heat pump

comparing efficiency rate of gas boiler and heat pump

comparing life span and ease of operation of heat pump and gas boiler

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