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Stiebel Eltron WWK | Hot Water Heat Pump | Australian Hydronics

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Stiebel Eltron WWK Hot Water Heat Pump

1 National Rebate Guaranteed (Up to $1000.00) 2 Additional Rebates Available in VIC (Up to $3300.00 Combined)

Not sure what sized heat pump to use or what rebates are available to you ? Use our specifier by clicking here.

The STIEBEL ELTRON Hot Water Heat Pump. The WWK 222|222H and WWK 302|302H, set a new benchmark for heat pumps in the Australian market. The Stiebel Eltron heat pump not only looks great but there are many new innovations incorporated in the sophisticated design. Features include a maintenance free current impressed anode, active defrost for operation down to minus 5°C, the option to connect the heat pumps with solar PV systems and the ability to transport them horizontally.

High-quality design from STIEBEL ELTRON.

  • German engineered, designed for Australian conditions
  • Market leader in heat pump technology since 1976
  • 220 litre tank with high volume of hot water can deliver 360 L of 40°C shower temperature water at a cold water temperature of 20°C (302 litre tank delivers 540 litres)
  • Suitable for hard or soft water areas with maintenance free current impressed anode

Installation flexibility

  • Can be installed outdoors or indoors, indoor installation requires 13m3 of clear space
  • Single piece design for ease of installation
  • Active defrost function to assist operations in cold climates
  • Operates in cold climates down to minus 5°C

Energy efficient

  • Energy efficient operation saves up to 74% on hot water energy use*
  • Low power draw at only 2.3 Amps
  • Can operate on off-peak power where available

Not sure what sized heat pump to use or what rebates are available to you ? Use our specifier by clicking here.

Request a quote today for a further % discount off the RRP + 1 to 3 rebates available up to $3000.00 off the unit in total.

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

Technical Data

Model number WWK 222 and WWK 222H WWK 302 and WWK 302H
Power consumption at (EN16147/A15) 0.55 kW 0.55 kW
Power consumption smart element H-model only: 1.7 kW H-model only: 1.7 kW
Rated voltage 240 V 240 V
Rated current 10 Amp 10 Amp
Phases 1/N/PE 1/N/PE
Electrical Installation As per AS/NZS3000
Installation requirements AS/NZS3500.4.2 & local requirements
Type of installation Outdoor or Indoor Outdoor or Indoor
Minimum space requirements Indoor – 13m3
Outdoor – 500mm either side of the grill.
See installation guide
Cylinder capacity 220 Litres 302 Litres
Cylinder material Enamelled Steel
Permissible operating pressure 850 kPa 850 kPa
Seasonal coefficient of performance (COP) 3.94 3.58
Application range -5 to +42°C -5 to +42°C
Air flow rate 550 m3/h 550 m3/h
IP Rating IP24 IP24
Refrigerant R134a R134a
Refrigerant capacity 0.85 kg 0.85 kg
Height 1553-1569 mm (adjustable feet) 1921-1937 mm (adjustable feet)
Diameter 690 mm 690 mm
Weight (empty) 120 kg 135 kg
Approvals WaterMark Lic No. WMKA00301, AS3498
Weight (filled with water) 340 kg 437 kg
Average sound pressure level at 1m distance, free field (EN15036) 45 dB(A) 45 dB(A)


WWK 222/222H Data Sheet Data Sheet PDF
217.03 kB
WWK 302/302H Data Sheet Data Sheet PDF
341.34 kB
WWK 222 & 302 Operation and Installation Operation and Installation Guide PDF
6.77 MB
WWK 222(H) / WWK 302(H) Warranty Warranty PDF
110.68 kB
3.38 MB
STIEBEL ELTRON Tech Line Drawing WWK222 Technical Drawing PNG
603.19 kB
STIEBEL ELTRON Tech Line Drawing WWK302 Technical Drawing PNG
635.13 kB


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