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How much does hydronic heating cost ?

Radiator Systems:

A standard hydronic heating system using radiators will cost approx between $1000 – $1200 per radiator. This price includes full installation including the boiler. You can learn more about our hydronic systems in the learning hub. You can also browse our range of hydronic products here.

Piggy bank on top hydronic heating panel

Underfloor / In-Slab / In-Floor Systems:

An standard in floor system is approx $45 – $65 per square metre not including the cost of the boiler system. When using a screed in the underfloor heating system it will cost approx $70 – $95 per square metre. You can learn more about our underfloor systems in the learning hub. You can also browse our range of underfloor heating products here.

walking on in floor hydronic heating bare foot

Is hydronic heating expensive to run:

Hydronic heating systems setup costs are dependant upon many factors, above you can see some approx costs on radiators and underfloor heating. The initial costs of a hydronic system is more expensive compared to other heating systems however due to its low running costs, maintenance, energy efficiency and lifespan its a safe and reliable investment. Save up to 40% in running costs using our highly efficient gas boilers. When paired with solar power and a heat pump the running costs can actually be reduced by up to 95% dependant upon the size of your systems.

Hydronic systems are highly customizable and the installation complexity ranges depending on factors such as size of the house, if its a new house or existing, if its an existing residence is there sufficient access underneath the house to run pipes etc. Other factors include preferences of the customer, do you want standard radiators or coloured ones, vertical or horizontal, designer radiators or standard etc. The last contributor to pricing is your power source do you want a gas boiler, wood fired boiler or a heat pump ? Learn more about choosing your power source here.

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