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Bioficient Domestic Wastewater Treatment System

First Domestic System to Achieve Latest Australian Standard
– AS 1546.3:2017

Suitable for homes with up to 10 people, the BioFicient® is manufactured from high quality Fibre Reinforced Plastic (FRP) and uses the latest treatment technology to deliver a high quality of water discharge.

With a high performance, low power consumption treatment technology, coupled with minimal maintenance requirement, the Domestic BioFicient®  wastewater treatment system will provide large homes with a reliable and effective solution for many years to come.

  • ​Certified to AS 1546.3:2017 (Why is it important?)
  • ​Certified to AS/NZS 1546.1:2008
  • 60 years experience in wastewater treatment solutions

Product Specification

Tank Model Overall Height
Inlet Invert
Outlet Invert
BFS1 (10PE) – 500mm Invert 2215 500 430 2850 1482
BFS1 (10PE) – 700mm Invert 2415 700 630 2850 1482
BFS1 (10PE) – 1200mm Invert 2915 1200 1130 2850 1482

Product Benefits

Product Benefits

Why AS1546.3:2017

All Domestic Wastewater Treatment Systems used in Australia must be fully tested and accredited. The latest AS1546.3:2017 supersedes the outgoing 2008 standard and requires all products used, after December 2020, to hold the latest certification. The BioFicient Series 1 Wastewater Treatment Plant is the first product in the market to receive this certification.

In an accredited, independent testing facility, the BioFicient Series 1 was sampled on a daily and weekly basis for 34 weeks. During this time, the system was subjected to several stress tests to simulate use in an actual residential property. Australia has one of the most stringent process on the Planet to ensure the standard of effluent discharged to the environment is world leading.

Although the industry has 24 months to gain the latest certification, Kingspan believe that the latest technology should be available as soon as possible, hence their decision to invest in their new BioFicient and testing process to achieve the latest standard before any other manufacturer in the industry.

BioFicient's Treatment Process

Primary Settlement Chamber

Sewage Treatment Plant Primary Settlement Chamber
Wastewater from the home will flow to the Primary Settlement Chamber , where a physical separation of foreign material and sewage solids will occur. At this stage the TSS (Total Suspended Solids) and BOD (Biochemical Oxygen Demand – the measurement of organic matter contained with the water) are greatly reduced. This primary treated effluent is then displaced into the BioZone for further treatment. The settled solids in the Primary Settlement Tank should be removed periodically, as required.

BioZone Chamber

Sewage Treatment Plant Rotor BioZone Chamber

The BioZone is where most of the biological treatment process will occur. This chamber contains thousands of maintenance free, patented, high surface area biofilm carrying media, specifically designed for this type of treatment system. The naturally occurring microorganisms present in the wastewater will adhere to the media and, in turn, will consume the organic based pollutants within the wastewater – thus providing the highly efficient treatment process.

Air/Oxygen is delivered from the Air Compressor to a fine bubble disc diffuser, positioned at the bottom of the chamber. The air provides the oxygen required by the microorganisms to live and creates movement within the tank to ensure complete contact between the media and the wastewater. Following this biological treatment process, the effluent is then displaced into the Clarification Chamber.

Clarification Chamber

Sewage Treatment Plant Clarification Chamber
This chamber allows fine particles, present in the treated effluent, to easily settle out. The chamber contains a timer controlled effluent pump to remove these settled particles and deliver them back to the Primary Settlement Tank thus ensuring the excellent quality of the treated effluent. The treated effluent then discharges to the Chlorination Chamber via a fine particle filter.

Chlorination Chamber

Sewage Treatment Plant Chlorination Chamber
The biologically treated effluent will pass through a Chlorine Tablet Feeder system that will dose the final effluent and provide the final disinfection process required for most applications. The fully disinfected effluent will then be delivered to the disposal system (irrigation/soakaway system) via an integrated stainless-steel float controlled effluent pump.

Compressor Housing

BioFicient Domestic Sewage Tank Compressor
The Compressor Housing provides a home for the high quality, energy efficient compressor (blower) and Electronic Control Panel. The compressor provides the air that is driven in to the BioZone to provide oxygen and movement to the media and the Control Panel operates and powers the mechanical components within the BioFicient. The Control Panel provides constant system status which can be viewed on the integrated LCD display. Fault signal to the Audible/Visual Alarm is supplied, in the unlikely event of system/power error. A standard battery backup power supply is installed to ensure fault signal is active in the event of power failure to the system.


Kingspan Certified BioFicient Domestic Brochure

Kingspan BioFicient AS1546_1_2008 Certificate

Kingspan BioFicient AS1546_3_2017 Certificate

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