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Melro Pump Covers

We keep gardens green, cars clean, toilets fresh and laundries washing. You can never have too much of your own water. Why not own your own sustainable water supply that is proudly Australian Made, fully Australian Standards and Watermark Certified, and available in a large range of sizes, colours and options, today.

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There are a number of useful Melro pump covers and accessories you may wish to consider for your rainwater harvesting system. We can package your accessories with your water tank delivery for your convenience. The most commonly requested options are set out below.

Accessory Range

The most common Melro pump covers and accessories we deliver with our water tanks are set out below. These items are proven performers and are well suited to the Melro tank range.

Hose Connection Kit

The hose connection kit comes in two lengths, 600mm or 1500mm. It comprises a length of best quality, sturdy food contact suction hose and two threaded 25mm connectors to suit all 25mm threaded female tank outlets.

We advise securing a valve to your tank first, supplied standard with Melro tanks, before fitting the hose. Be sure to wrap plenty of turns of teflon tape around every threaded connection in your rainwater harvesting system to ensure a water tight seal. This includes the thread of the valve and the threads of both hose connections.

Fire Hose VIC CFA Adaptor Kit

This kit comprises three components: a 50mm outlet which we install for you at the factory, a 50mm gate valve, and a Victorian standard CFA adaptor. This installation is in addition to the existing outlet on your tank, which we can install higher to reserve the lower portion of your tank water for firefighting purposes.

Optionally, we can supply a VIC CFA adaptor separately which you can simply screw into your primary 50mm gate valve.

Water Pump

These are a great addition to the Melro pumps and accessories is this multi purpose garden pump complete with pressure controller. Pumping a maximum of 60 litres per minute at ground level, and a maximum head height of 40 metres, this pump has plenty of power in reserve. The pressure controller automatically turns the pump on when you release water from your hose, and shuts it off when water is no longer being released. Dry run protection prevents the pump from running if there is no water available.

We also supply a huge range of brand name pumps including mains switchover systems for plumbing your tank water to toilets and laundry, with automatic mains water backup. This is useful if you use all of your available tank water, or in the event of a power failure. Please ask your water tank expert for more information if this setup is of interest to you.

Melro Pump Covers

Protect your valuable pump equipment from the elements, and substantially lengthen its service life. The Melro pump cover is large enough to cover most pumps including full mains switchover systems. It has a wide opening for connections and ventilation, and is an effective sound dampener. Tank grade material is used so you get an excellent colour match with your tank, and it ensures a very long UV protected life.

Mains Top Up Kit

This is the basis of an entry level mains top system. When the tank level drops to just above the outlets, this kit ensures the serviceable tank water level is maintained with mains water. You just need a quality pump with a pressure controller to supply water to your house, for example the pump described above.

This system fully complies with plumbing requirements including mains back flow protection, and the design includes a visible air gap to check mains water flow. We recommend installing a manual bypass valve to ensure continued mains water supply if your pump needs servicing. If you require a fully automatic mains backup please ask your tank reseller for the next level of mains switchover system.

Slimline Under Deck Kit

If you need more options than our dedicated 2000 litre under deck tank for under your decking or house, our multi barrel slimline tanks can be kitted for horizonal installation. Our fitout configuration diagram shows standard inlet, outlet, and overflow locations, and also the optional location areas. Please discuss with your water tank expert and forward a diagram with your order clearly narrating your fitting locations.

Underdeck tanks are plumbed directly to your downpipe and have no inlet strainer to filter incoming debris. We recommend installing a low maintenance leaf filter in an easy to access position above your decking, for example further up your existing downpipe. A mozzie strainer should be installed at the accessable end of your overflow pipe for periodic cleaning.


Hyjet DHJ800 – pump with pressure control 60lt/min & 39m head, dry run protection, Pump Cover, any colour 350W x 610L x 480H, 600mm Hose Kit 600mm hose, 25mm ends, 1500mm Hose Kit 1500mm hose, 25mm ends


N/A, Smooth Cream, Merino, Wheat, Birch Grey, Beige, Earthtone, Jasper, Metal Grey, Slate Grey, Monument, Black, Mountain Blue, Heritage Red, Mist Green, Rivergum, Heritage Green

Colours & Equivalents

We want to help you find the right colour. The palette we have assembled for you below is a very good fit for the Australian urban and rural landscape, and we proudly present it to you as our standard tank colour range.

Raw materials for these Colorbond® equivalents are food grade certified (AS/NZS 2070), potable water certified (AS/NZS 4020), and include quality UV protection for long lasting colour. When you buy a properly certified tank such as ours (AS/NZS 4766 is the comprehensive standard for poly water tanks), the 4020 and 2070 raw material standards are an important first step before the manufacturing process can commence.

When comparing colours, please note that your computer display, printouts and even professional brochures will almost always show colour variation. The discerning eye will notice differences in colour appearance when you try to match up different building materials. Variances also occur when viewing even the same type of material under different lighting conditions. This is true for all materials. All of these variables can make colour an extremely complex topic!

Accordingly, the colours in all charts below are indications only. Known naming equivalents are listed below each colour, including Colorbond®.



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