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Melro Small Storage Tanks | Australian Hydronics


Melro Small Storage Tanks

Useful for Caravans, 4WD, Boats and Motor Homes as well as keeping gardens green, cars clean, toilets fresh and laundries washing. You can never have too much of your own water. Why not own your own sustainable water supply that is proudly Australian Made, fully Australian Standards and Watermark Certified, and available in a large range of sizes, colours and options, today.

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Applications for small storage tanks

Using Melro Small Storage Tanks When capturing your own fresh water, you will be getting the best storage available. In Rural areas large volumes of water are stored for whole of house and for the farm. In Metro areas fresh water supplies your laundry and flushes your toilets. And everyone needs water to keep their garden green and keep their cars clean.

We make tanks for every situation. Standard fittings are included to suit nearly all domestic applications. Common customisations include council prescribed stormwater detention and retention systems, and other variations are possible too – please speak with your expert local dealer. We also manufacture many industrial heavy duty systems and work with engineers for all sorts of projects.

The small storage tanks on this page hold water for all sorts of applications. The right tank for you gives you all the capacity you need, in the shape that you want. Remember that you always want the largest capacity for the space you have available – you can never have too much of your own water.

All static above ground tanks below are WaterMark certified (Licence WMK: 21567) and are also certified to Australian Standard AS/NZS 4766 Polyethylene Storage Tanks for Water and Chemicals (Licence: SMKP 21567). These certifications are significant – the tanks below have been thoroughly verified by independent industry experts that they are designed and built to these highest of Australian standards. They also reassure you that our processes are continually and officially verified by industry experts to confirm that our own very high standards are maintained.


54 Litres 280 x 280 x 800, 55 Litres 280 x 375 x 600, 80 Litres 250 x 400 x 900, **85 Litres 225 x 320 x 1310, 100 Litres 235 x 550 x 860, 110 Litres 280 x 375 x 1200, 160 Litres 250 x 500 x 1400, 220 Litres 400 x 400 x 1500, 240 Litres 380 x 400 x 1700

Colours & Equivalents

We want to help you find the right colour. The palette we have assembled for you below is a very good fit for the Australian urban and rural landscape, and we proudly present it to you as our standard tank colour range.

Raw materials for these Colorbond® equivalents are food grade certified (AS/NZS 2070), potable water certified (AS/NZS 4020), and include quality UV protection for long lasting colour. When you buy a properly certified tank such as ours (AS/NZS 4766 is the comprehensive standard for poly water tanks), the 4020 and 2070 raw material standards are an important first step before the manufacturing process can commence.

When comparing colours, please note that your computer display, printouts and even professional brochures will almost always show colour variation. The discerning eye will notice differences in colour appearance when you try to match up different building materials. Variances also occur when viewing even the same type of material under different lighting conditions. This is true for all materials. All of these variables can make colour an extremely complex topic!

Accordingly, the colours in all charts below are indications only. Known naming equivalents are listed below each colour, including Colorbond®.



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