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Stiebel Eltron HSBC Tanks


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The new HSBC 200 S comprises a hot water tank and buffer tank in one. This almost halves the amount of space required for installation. When paired with a compatible heat pump, the HSBC provides luxurious heating, hot water, and surface cooling.

  • Combi appliance comprising a domestic hot water tank and a buffer tank
  • Halves the installation space required for individual tanks
  • Compact, compatible and energy saving for use in detached houses
  • Perfectly matched components for use in conjunction with an air | water heat pump for domestic hot water, room heating, and cooling.
  • On-board WPM 3 controller

Made in Germany, high quality design from STIEBEL ELTRON.

With the integral HSBC 200 S cylinder, instead of having the domestic hot water cylinder and buffer cylinder standing side by side, they are arranged in a single appliance, piggyback style. This almost halves the space required and means the appliance can be installed in the smallest rooms for more available floor area. Excellent solution for detached houses.

Precisely matched to use with one heat pump, the HSBC covers everything required in a detached house in relation to heating and hot water, All that and in a convenient format, too!

Integral cylinder for heat pump operation for hot water heating, also for simultaneous integration into heating systems for hydraulic connection and for propulsion and separation of the heat pump and heating circuit flow. For use in detached houses.

Equipment Convenience
Hot water cylinder, enamelled steel with directly applied foam insulation, equipped with internal indirect coil and magnesium signal anode for additional corrosion protection.
Buffer cylinder, steel with directly applied foam insulation.
Separable cylinders arranged one above the other, with recessed grips to facilitate handling. Hydraulic connections at the top.
Equipped with WPM 3 heat pump manager with backlit symbol and plain text display, cylinder charging pump, heating circuit pump, 3/2-way diverter valve, safety valve with drain routed out of the rear of the appliance and electric emergency/booster heater.
Prepared for optional extension with a heating circuit with mixer.
Cylinder casing consisting of plastic jacket in pure white (permanently attached at the sides and rear), removable front panel made from sheet metal in white with designer fascia in Eloxal silver.

Low standby losses and cylinder capacity sized to suit the application.


Stiebel Eltron HSBC 200S Combination Tank

Technical Data

Model Number HSBC 200 S
Nominal capacity, DHW tank 168 L
Nominal capacity, buffer tank 100 L
Height 1908 mm
Width 680 mm
Depth 871 mm
Energy efficiency class C
Standby energy consumption/24 h at 65 °C 1.6 kWh
Surface, indirect coil 3.3 m
Rated control voltage 230 V
Rated voltage, emergency/booster heater 230 V
Power consumption, emergency/booster heater 5.9 kW
Heat pump connection 28 mm
Heating circuit connection 22 mm
Cold water connection 22 mm
DHW connection 22 mm
DHW circulation connection 12 mm
Height of unit when tilted 2107 mm
Weight 203 kg
Suitable for WPL 17 ACS ClassicWPL 25 AC / WPL 25 ACS


File Category Type Download
HSBC 200 S Data Sheet Data Sheet PDF
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HSBC 200 S Warranty Warranty PDF
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Cylinder Brochure Brochure PDF
2.29 MB
HSBC 200 S 2D CAD DWG file Technical Drawing DWG
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HSBC 200 S 2D CAD DXF file Technical Drawing DXF
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HSBC 200 S 3D CAD STP file Technical Drawing STP
20.37 MB
HSBC 200 S Dimension Drawing Technical Drawing PNG
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HSBC 200 S Dimension Drawing – Legend Technical Drawing PDF
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HSBC 200 S Dimension Drawing – Minimum Space Technical Drawing PNG
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HSBC 200 S Exploded Drawing Exploded Diagram PNG
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