Atlantis Flo-Cell® Specifications

20mm Flo-Cell® drainage cell
20mm_Large Size 20mm (H) x 400mm (W) 620mm (L)
Compressive Strength 90 t/m2
Flow Rate 0.65 L/s/m @ 1% gradient
30mm Flo-Cell® drainage cell
 30mm_Large_Flo_Cell_WCLIP Size 30mm (H) x 400mm (W) 620mm (L)
Compressive Strength 90.34 t/m2
Flow Rate 1.41 L/s/m @ 1% gradient
52mm Flo-Cell® drainage cell
52mm_Large Size 52mm (H) x 260mm (W) 480mm (L)
Compressive Strength 130.6 t/m2
Flow Rate 2.65 L/s/m @ 1% gradient
General Product Properties
Material 85% Recycled Polypropylene, 15% Proprietary Materials
Colour Black
Void Ratio >90%
Biological Resistance Not affected by biological activity.
Chemical Resistance Excellent resistance to Acids, Alcohols, Bases and Mineral Oils. Good resistance
to Aldehydes, Esters, Aliphatic Hydrocarbons, Ketones and Vegetable Oils.
Recommended Service Temperature -10ºC to 70ºC