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Clepsy Hydronic Towel Rail | Radox | Australian Hydronics


Radox Clepsy

A fresh, sophisticated appearance, the CLEPSY hydronic towel rail has generous spaces between the tubes convenient for hanging towels. CLEPSY adds a fantastic finishing touch to any room, and has a great output.

In the standard version, all RADOX radiators are painted in white RAL9010. Most radiators are also available in chrome and or stainless steel. On request, RADOX radiators can be painted in any RAL colour, glossy, matte or textured finish.

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Product Details | Radox Clepsy Hydronic Towel Rail | Hydronic Heating

A fresh, sophisticated appearance, the CLEPSY hydronic towel rail has generous spaces between the tubes convenient for hanging towels. CLEPSY adds a fantastic finishing touch to any room, and has a great output.


Clepsy radox hydronic heating towel rail australian hydronics

RADOX is the Romanian leading brand name in design radiator and towel rail manufacture, founded in 1993 in Bucharest, the capital of Romania, by Cornel ROSU. Always focused on market needs, we offer solutions to designer heating in the bathroom, home and offices. Still privately owned by ROSU family, RADOX deliveres its radiators and convectors mainly in Europe, but also in Australia and New Zealand, and countries from Asia, Africa, North and South America. By hiring top designers and engineers, who use the best materials possible, RADOX offers luxury products at affordable prices. Our goal is to build good relations by manufacturing and marketing efficient and innovative products. We never offer excuses, we offer solutions and always promptly deliver to our clients a quality product that exceeds their expectations. Our customers deserve the best, so we give them the best products on the market. We offer a 10 years guarantee to back all this up! Proud of the quality of our radiators and convectors, we have been certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 by SRAC/IQNET.

Why Choose Radox ?

  • We DO NOT and will NEVER use any copper plating in the production of our radiators. Copper plating technology (used primary by low cost manufacturers) produces harmful by-products like copper cyanide which has a devastating impact on the environment.
  • We have our own fully automated chrome line which prevents acid penetration of acid during the chroming process which will eliminate internal rusting.
  • In the chroming process, we use a double nickel plating layer of between 35-40 microns and a chrome layer of 2 microns.
  • We use carbon steel tubes purchased from a certified world leader supply manufacturer that allows us to bring the product warranty to 10 years, as well as to meet specific customer requirements, such as custom configurations.
  • ALL our “TIG” welded ends are stronger and reduce the likely hood of pin-holes and crooked tappings.
  • Our brazing process – and not furnace welding – allows for better plating cover around the horizontal/vertical joints , ensuring optimum corrosion resistance and durability which greatly increases the life of the radiator.
  • Our painted radiators are sandblasted prior to painting, which increases paint adhesion.
  • We use Akzo Nobel paint, one of the highest quality paint manufacturers.
  • RADOX radiators come in all shapes, sizes and finishes. They can be chrome plated, stainless steel, white or any colour selected by the client.
  • Customizing the radiators, RADOX heavily invested in this division in which the industrial process meets the creative process.
  • RADOX radiators can be used in the hydraulic, electric or mixed version, taking into consideration the fact that each country has specific characteristics from the installation point of view and in the energy sector.
  • RADOX products are extremely flexible and easy to install in any context, in the case of new constructions as well as when there is the need to restore old buildings with existing systems.
  • RADOX team has extensive knowledge of everything related to the radiators and will guide you with passion through every step of you journey.

Radox Clepsy – 991H X 656W (White), Radox Clepsy – 991H X 656W (Chrome)

Technical Data



Heat outputs

Height (H) Length (L) Centress (A) No tubes Weight Volume OUTPUT (watt)
Δt=30°C Δt=40°C Δt=50°C Δt=60°C
mm mm mm pcs kg l RAL Chrome RAL Chrome RAL Chrome RAL Chrome
991 656 622 10 5,0 3,1 144 111 203 156 275 211 343 264

RAL Colour Chart


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