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Heat Output: up to 400m2
Height 1260mm
Width 940mm
Depth 535mm
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The Sophel is truly the most versatile heating appliance on the market.

Seamlessly fitting into any space from a stately drawing room, country homestead or an ultra modern living area, The Sophel hydronic boiler is designed to provide rich radiant slow combustion heat into the room in which it is installed while delivering gentle even warmth to each room in the home.

The Sophel has a combined hydronic heat output of up to 45kwh. The large capacity firebox not only provides for generous heat output but also allows for extended burn times between refuelling. An ash tray system allows for easy and clean removal of ash even if the Sophel is in operation.

Temperatures in each area of the home can be individually regulated and doors can be closed for privacy as the heat source is within each room and heating is not reliant on air flow. Hydronic heating eliminates draughts and vastly reduces airborne dust which can be created by some fan driven ducted systems.

The standard Sophel has a single acting glass firebox door which opens like any standard heater door to allow for refuelling and tending of the fire. The firebox door is designed with its own air inlets to help the door remain clean and extend the time between cleaning.

The easy to operate air controls allow for total control over the fire and heat available to keep the home comfortable and warm while ensuring efficient even combustion throughout the huge firebox.

A fire poker and multi-function tool are provided with the unit to help make operation easier.


SOPHEL 35-50kW Boiler / Single Sided / Single Acting Door, SOPHEL 35-50kW Boiler / Single Sided / Double Acting Door, SOPHEL 35-50kW Boiler / Double Sided / Single Acting Door, SOPHEL 35-50kW Boiler / Double Sided / 2X Single Acting Doors, SOPHEL Freestanding Kit

Installation options

Installation Options:

The Sophel can be installed in many different ways, and providing than certain installation criteria is met such as clearances to combustible materials the design is up to your own imagination.

Sophel – Open Fireplace

The Open Fireplace option combines all the features of the standard boiler with the option of using the unit as an open fire when entertaining or for those quiet romantic evenings when the charm and crackle of an open fire creates just the right ambience. The double acting door not only works as a standard fire box door but also unclips so that the door and the door frame lifts up and disappears behind the fascia revealing the entire firebox as a warm glowing open fire.

Sophel Duo – Two Sided Unit

The Sophel Duo is a double-sided heater which has two huge glass doors and is ideally suited for installation between two rooms or as a central feature within a room. The Duo comes with a standard single acting door on one side and a double acting door (for open fire effect) on the other side. The unit has air controls on both sides and so can be refuelled and controlled from either side. The Sophel Duo is also available with two standard single acting doors if the open fire effect is not required.

The Duo will deliver a hydronic heat output of 30kwh.

Sophel – Free Standing

The firebox surround allows the Sophel to be installed without the need to build a purpose built enclosure and can be more suitable for some homes and can save on installation cost. The kit is available in a range of designer colours to suit specific colour schemes if required and is available for both the single and double-sided Sophel.

Domestic Hot Water

As with all Dynamic Series boilers & cookers the Sophel can be successfully employed to provide or supplement the family’s domestic hot water requirements, either by way of a special purpose built solar hydronic hot water tank or heat exchanger to convert existing hot water services.

Cooking with Wood

For those who appreciate the delights of a wood-fired roast, pizzas and bread or just want billy tea or brewed coffee, all Sophel’s can be optioned with a cooking crane and accessories to make the


SO1 Sophel – Freestanding – Dimensions & Clearances 16_e8tYhMNNQIKbjOBpanxZ.10.2019

SO3 Sophel – Single Sided – Inbuilt – Single Acting Door 16_zMRHlD8GTKmZWC9Pzu3i.10.2019

SO4 Sophel – Single Sided – Inbuilt – Double Acting Door 16_TUKLrI2Qoaw50qSBwieM.10.2019

SO5 Sophel Single Sided Unit showing Single or Double Acting Door (Plan View) 16_kS48zDYhS9yGITKP7b0t.10.2019

SO6 Sophel – Double Sided – Inbuilt – Single & Double Acting Doors 16_TsNrWGhTXq9F2S33DC2Q.10.2019

SO7 Sophel – Double Sided – Inbuilt – 2x Single Acting Doors 16_AkRgwPoLSKOnTw08gsXj.10.2019

SO8 Sophel – Flue Configuration 16_r3E0zrTU6ObvZS2vS4Tw.10.2019

Sophel special order of surrounds 18.10.2019

Sophel Inbuilt Conformance Criteria 18.10.2019

Sophel Clearances to combustible materials 18.10.2019


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