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Tiemme Pex Connectors


Tiemme Pex Connectors

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1/2x(12×2.0)-Connector-Nickel, 1/2x(16×2.0)-Connector-Nickel, 1/2x(16×2.0)-Connector-Chrome, 1/2x(16×2.25)-Connector-Nickel, 3/4x(16×2.0)-Connector-Nickel, 3/4x(16×2.25)-Connector-Nickel, 3/4x(18×2.0)-Connector-Nickel, 3/4x(20×2.0)-Connector-Nickel, 3/4x(20×2.25)-Connector-Nickel, 1 x (20×2.0)-Connector-Nickel, 1 x (25×2.3)-Connector-Nickel, 1/2" Nut Only – Nickel, 1/2" Nut Only – Chrome, Compression Ring-16mm-Brass, 3/4" Nut Only – Nickel, 3/4" Nut Only – Nickel, 3/4" Nut Only – Brass, 3/4x(16×2.0)-Crimp Connector, 3/4x(20×2.0)-Crimp Connector, 1/2x(24×19)-Connector-Nickel


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