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Rheem HW22 Commercial Hot Water Heat Pump

Rheem Thermal RTHW Series

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The Rheem HW22 Commercial Hot Water Heat Pumps

Rheem Thermal’s Commercial Air to Water (HW22) Heat Pump is designed with the commercial user in mind. A truly commercial A grade heat pump that delivers hot water up to 65°C with a system Coefficient of Performance (COP) up to 4.0 at 20°C ambient. Non ducted models are generally designed for outdoor installations. Non ducted models may be installed indoors, without ducting, if a sufficient supply of waste heat energy is available. Models are also available in vertical, horizontal and stackable options. Contact us today on 1300 141455 to discuss your project.

Rheem Thermal Hot Water Heat Pumps are available in sizes from 10KW to 540KW nominal output
and are suitable for domestic & commercial Mechanical, Hot Water and Hydronic heating
applications. The units are most commonly manufactured as air-to-water design, in which it extracts
heat from ambient air and transfers this to water, providing a highly energy efficient method of water
heating. The units can also be manufactured as water-to-water and ground-coupled design.



RHEEM Heat Pump HW22-3 / 20.4kW / 3 Phase / Top Discharge, RHEEM Heat Pump HW22-3 / 20.4kW / 3 Phase / Side Discharge


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RHEEM THERMAL HW 22 Watermarked Full Specs



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