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Rheem Thermal RTHP Series

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Rheem  Pool Heat Pumps range

The Rheem Thermal pool heat pumps are a premium product “manufactured in Australia”. The Rheem Thermal pool & spa heat pump range is unrivaled in terms of quality. The design is simply a scaled down version of the large Rheem Thermal commercial heat pumps which are specified into Australia’s major aquatic centre projects, with the use of the identical commercial components.

Our residential range extends from 9kW to 30kW nominal heating capacity.

The RTHP Series includes two premium options, the RTHP026 and RTHP030. These units include an increased evaporator area to provide high efficiency particularly at low ambient temperatures. The large evaporator reduces the pressure of air movement making the unit a low noise design, with a metered level of 51dBa at 3mtrs. It represents the culmination of 25 years development by Rheem Thermal engineers in heat pump development and design. It is extremely quiet and is the perfect options for suburban backyards.

Rheem Thermal retains complete flexibility in manufacture to allow for a unique range of design options, including our exclusive Rheem IQ® controllers.


Rheem Single Phase RTHP009-1 – 8.42kW POOL HP, Rheem Single Phase RTHP012-1 – 12.1kW POOL HP, Rheem Single Phase RTHP017-1 – 17.4kW POOL HP, Rheem Single Phase RTHP020-1 – 21.6kW POOL HP, Rheem Three Phase RTHP020-3 – 21.6kW POOL HP, Rheem Single Phase RTHP024-1 – 24.5kW POOL HP, Rheem Three Phase RTHP024-3 – 24.9kW POOL HP, Rheem Single Phase RTHP026-1 – 25.5kW POOL HP, Rheem Three Phase RTHP026-3 – 25.8kW POOL HP, Rheem Three Phase RTHP030-3 – 28.1kW POOL HP, Rheem Three Phase RTHP041-3 – 38.3kW POOL HP, Rheem Three Phase RTHP052-3 – 51.3kW POOL HP, Rheem Three Phase RTHP066-3 – 66.3kW POOL HP, Rheem Three Phase RTHP087-3 – 87.5kW POOL HP, Rheem Three Phase RTHP102-3 – 102.5kW POOL HP, Rheem Three Phase RTHP132-3 – 132.5kW POOL HP


Top Discharge, Side Discharge

Technical Data

How does a heat pump work


Pool Heating Accessories

DPi 1 Link – Separate Pump Controller

DPi 2 Link – Single Filter Pump Controller

Rheem Thermal Pool Heat Pump Accessories

The new Rheem IQ® – DPi Link digital pump controllers provide an easy plug-and-play interface between the Rheem Thermal Pool Heat Pump and the filter or circulation pump, so to maximise the overall energy efficiency of the pool heating system.

DPi Link extends the advanced control intelligence inbuilt into every Rheem Thermal Pool Heat Pump via our exclusive Rheem IQ® tariff intelligence controller, to the entire pool chlorination and heating system. The base on-demand pump call feature in the Rheem IQ® ensures that the pump providing flow to the heat pump is not running when it doesn’t need to, helping to minimise energy and heating costs. Where a home or business has digital or smart metering, the Rheem IQ® tariff intelligence controller, can extend these savings further by choosing the lowest electricity-priced times.

The DPi Link is available in two designs, DPi 1 for control where the heat pump has its own dedicated circulation pump for water flow, or DPi 2 where the pool system includes only a single filter pump system connected to an automated chlorinator.

  • Plug-and-Play ease of installation (no electrician needed)
  • Maximising total energy and heating efficiency
  • Minimising pump run hours
  • Reduce run times and wear on fi or circulation pump
  • Ensures continual temperature control at least cost
  • Vermin proof, providing longevity and reliability
  • Power surge protected
  • UV resistant enclosure, leads and cables
  • Designed and manufactured in Australia

Download – Rheem Thermal DP1 Link Pump Control Brochure

Sizing & Modelling


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