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Siemens RDE100


RDE100 Thermostat


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· Room temperature control
· 2-position control with On/Off output for heating
· Comfort, Economy, Auto Timer and Protection mode
· Auto Timer
· Adjustable commissioning and control parameters
· Battery-powered room thermostat DC 3 V (RDE100.1RF)
· Mains-powered receiver AC 230 V (RCR100RF)
· Multifunction input for external floor sensor, keycard contact, etc.

Typical applications:

· Apartments
· Commercial spaces
· Schools
For the control of the following pieces of equipment:
· Thermal valves or zone valves
· Gas or oil boilers
· Fans
· Pumps
· Floor heating systems


· Room temperature control via built-in sensor or external input
· Selection of operating mode via touchkey
· Setting time switches (individual days, 7 days, or days 5-2)
· Display of current room temperature or setpoint in °C or °F
· Touchkey lock (manually)
· Setpoint lock
· Periodic pump run
· Reloading factory settings for commissioning and control parameters
· One multifunctional input freely selectable for floor heating temperature
limitation function
· Operating mode switchover contact (keycard, window contact, etc.)
· Standalone wireless transmitter and receiver
· Wireless operating frequency 433 MHz


Siemens RDE100 Thermostat


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