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Christo Freestanding

Christo Freestanding

Heat Output: 40kw
Heating Capacity: up to 400m2
Height: 1260mm
Width: 940mm
Depth: 535-575mm

The potential to provide the highest heat output of any wood burning heater on the market.

The Christo Freestanding firebox surround allows all Christo units to be installed without the need for a purpose built non-combustible enclosure. The freestanding unit may be more suitable for some homes and can save on installation costs. The freestanding box is also available in a range of colours.

For those who appreciate the delights of traditional cooking over an open fire the Christo can be fitted with a cooking crane which combines a pot hook with a swing out hotplate making the Christo a truly versatile heating unit.

The Christo has the potential to provide the highest heat output of any wood burning heater and can warm up to 400sqm of living area. The large capacity firebox allows for extended burn time between refuelling.

The Christo has easily accessible air controls on the door and the base of the fire allowing even burning throughout the firebox. The control knobs are available in chrome or black. The Christo has a removable ashtray to allow for easy removal of ash whilst retaining the benefits of an ash bed heating system. A poker and multipurpose tool is also provided.

All Christo models can be fitted with a thermostatically controlled fan unit if required.



CH4 Christo – Single Sided – Inbuilt – Double Acting Door 16.10.2019

CH5 Christo Single Sided Unit showing Single or Double Acting Door (Plan View) 16_XYr6V20QWs1Fn4sXoPCg.10.2019

CH6 Christo – Double Sided – Inbuilt – Single & Double Acting Doors 16_243h0HKFTZesD0tBQ1Qh.10.2019

CH7 Christo – Double Sided – Inbuilt – 2x Single Acting Doors 16.10.2019

CH8 Christo – Flue Configuration 16.10.2019

CH9 Christo Flue Positions 17.10.2019

Christo Fan Installation option 1 16.10.2019

Christo Fan installation option 2 18.10.2019

Christo Conformance Certificate 18.10.2019

Christo Freestanding Conformance Certificate 18.10.2019

Christo Inbuilt Conformance Criteria 18.10.2019

Christo special order of surrounds 18.10.2019

Clearances to combustible materials for Christo models 18.10.2019


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